Where do you stand on the subject of:

unconditional basic income?

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@openscience I voted "Bad Idea". I grew up in easter Europe in communism. Basically, what does UBI mean that everyone will have the "same nothing" - where is the motivation for the people they don't want to contribute to society if they will be receiving regular income? Don't bring socialism and communism back - it's a trap!

@oldsoldier @openscience The difference is that during our socialism there was no basic income and people had to have a job. Usually a job they hated, it was a sort of lottery. There was no motivation to do anything because people were forced to do the work they did. If you let people do whatever they want, they will strive to make themselves some better environment, just because they can. A lot of people in our society hate themselves because they feel unproductive and unappreciated. Nobody appreciates them because they only do what they must, same as others, nothing special, while also making mistakes and hating the whole process. And they are unproductive, because they have much they want to do, but they never really have time for any of it, because they're too tired of what they have to do everyday. It's a completely different psychological frame. And on the other hand the difference between the wealthy and the poor has never been greater and that's not a good thing. The whole society made today's industry possible, yet only a tiny fraction is allowed to profit from it. The world is historically not just, we have to actively try to make it so or it's gonna turn even worse.

@oldsoldier @openscience I don't see this doing any good, aside from causing inflation, less people will feel the need to work and this “could" lead to a reduction of goods and services available. As much of a bad rap capitalism gets, it does work and generally provides incentives for people to provide goods and services to others. Some would provide for others just out of their good will, but many others wouldn't care less. Capitalism with proper regulation is the best solution

@oldsoldier @openscience UBI doesn't remove capitalism... it only changes it so that no one will suffer as hard from it. You can still work and thus get a better standard.

Personally I think it will be crucial eventually when automation/robotics takes over more and more jobs. In 10-15 years the driver will probably not be needed anymore as cars and trucks will drive themselves.

Money will flow even more to the few in the future... and this has to be redistributed.

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